In this day, it’s too easy to go along with the culture of the times; having sex with every man we’re attracted to and then wondering if we’re going to die from the heartbreak (or the diseases).  This is to encourage all women to stay right with God.

Who am I?  My name is Honey Gilmer.  I was divorced for 19 years.  Yeah, that’s a long time.  It’s a very long time when you lived 7 of those years in sin.  I divorced at 33 and married at 51 to a wonderful, Godly man.  I made mistakes; so many mistakes.  I want to share how I would have done things differently, lessons I’ve learned.  I want to help YOU do better.  I want to encourage and help you stay focused on Jesus Christ…  and if you don’t know Him, I’d love to introduce you!  God bless you!

To purchase my book, you can download a digital copy or purchase a hard copy from Amazon.  You can also download it on Barnes & Noble.  And please, please, please…  leave a review!  It would be so appreciated!  God Bless!

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